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Does your business need to have a copier for a long term or a short term project of filing/document management job? We believe you will find that we have the best rate in Athens.

We charge a monthly rental fee for the machine and bill a small amount per copy to cover toner and maintenance of the machine. Average cost per copy is: Black and White 0,03 cent or less. Color copies 0.08 or less depending on the speed and price of the copier.

As a business owner, or even a well-established one, it makes perfect sense to consider copy machine rentals instead of buying an expensive machine. Aside from the investment savings, a rental copier can actually help you save on your income taxes as well.

Another factor that will help determine whether you should rent your copy machine, is how many staff you have and how much they need to print. You might also want to think about whether your staffing and printing needs will increase or stay the same a year from now. If you're likely to need a speed upgrade within 12 months, then renting is probably a better option.

Please keep in mind that we also have rental copiers and printers available for all special occasions
and do not hesitate to contact  us for any further informatio n you may require.